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We'll show you the way to protect all your assets - at the best rates!

BlazeAs a full service, independent insurance broker, we have access to many insurance carriers to get you the coverage you need - because of our independant relationship we work for you, not the insurance company - and Blazer will always recommend the coverage that best suits your needs.

We have been guiding clients through the forest of options and insurance alternatives for over 30 years, many of those customers are still with us today! We will talk to you personally and then map out the best possible solution, source the best possible price, and provide solid, no-nonsense advice on ways to minimize your risks at the lowest premium possible.

We're here, by your side, through thick and thin, we offer personal attention and will guide you through the process until you are satisfied that you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

So call, come in, or email and talk with one of our experienced insurance guides – we are ready to serve you.

“With over 35 years of experience in guiding our clients to the best coverage - Blazer Insurance”

What we cover!

Our insurance guides have experience in all personal and commercial lines: Automotive - including your motorhomes, boats and RV's, Residential - including Homeowner, tenant and landlord, Commercial - including liability, structures, stock and disaster recovery, and Farm - including structures, equipment and livestock.

Who do we write for?

We will map out the best route to cover all your assets and any liabilities. And because we can offer you the leading insurance products from the major insurance companies in Canada you can get the best price possible for your coverage.

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IBAAProud to be an independent member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta.